Buy and sell goods and services online based on quality as well as trust. We design and develop custom designed sites powered by trusted e-commerce engine, which delivers detail, accurate & user friendly back office facility along with user manage, monitor reports, statistics etc. as per your organization requirements.

We deliver trusted Powerful payment gateways with A wide range of features

We are constantly adding new features to our gateway in order to make it easier for merchants to accept payments online. Some of the features we currently offer are QuickLinks (the ability to send a payment link with no need for website integration), E-Invoicing and Remote API.


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The Custom Built Store

Designers and web developers have been building websites and web-stores for clients since the Internet became capable of supporting such undertakings. Among the web development community there exists a considerable amount of practical experience. But, the Internet is a merger between communication arts and technology. Hire a graphical designer with no technical understanding and the result is likely to be good looking but dysfunctional. Conversely, hire a programmer without design skills and the result could be undesirable but functional. Hire a kid willing to take peanuts that “knows computers” because of a game playing addiction and you will get exactly what you deserve. The correct proportions of design and programming skills applied to your unique requirements should be expected to turn what you think you want into what you need.


The Internet Malls

Internet malls have become popular for two primary reasons, traffic and technology. A mall on the Internet is reasonably analogous to a physical shopping mall in the sense that it contains multiple merchants in one place. The traffic value is intended to be generated from that fact while the technology for the store is provided to the merchant as a part of the cost for participating in the mall. Yahoo, MSN, Amazon and many other shopping malls are available.